Japanese ghost TV

Somehow my origins of the east sparks serious chill down my spine when watching these videos.

This one's hilarious!

This last one is pretty confusing but it's here because they've put the main theme of Suspiria by Goblin in the introduction.

The Black Gestapo

"and if they touch a brother's woman...they really cut him"


Finished 3 gems from Crystal Palace indoor market.

Only 10 minute walk from Gipsy Hill station, another dimension of mystic treasures awaits you.


Subject of the Unknown_Thoughtography

Thoughtography is the psychic ability to project material images on to photographic film, even with the lens cap still on. The image above is Ted Serios and the 'gismo'. It is believed he had the power to stare into this specially made device and project images in his mind into the camera. Then the photographs were developed and the results were analyzed by Dr.Julie Eisenbud.
Serios photographs are on the left hand column above and the much clearer ones are actual places documented in real life. He has never been to any of those places before but there are merely 'imagined' location that Serios has created in his mind.

(as I am getting increasingly stoned whilst trying to make this post, it is proving much difficulty and major distraction from a yet-to-find-out DeNiro New York cop film on ITV...oh wait, it's called 'Mad dog and glory', Bill Murray is in it too playing a badass Mafia boss.)

Thoughtography can also be projected into cine-film cameras too. Stella Lansing, a psychic house wife from Massachusetts, was often impelled to start filming by chills and hunches. These still frames below caught the attention of Dr.Berthold Schwartz a psychiatrist interested in psychic phenomenon, shows phantom faces super imposed on to the TV shows she's been 'filming'.

Other unexplainable phantoms and auras caught on camera by thoughtography.


Found my much cooler and eviler twin.

He is the senior producer of all the Mortal Kombat games. The latest wave that put him on the radar is the release of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Never thought I would see my name being placed in the context in computer game developing. It's like I know all the creative processes, initial concepts and new innovative features in the new mortal kombat game. I think I could easily blag it to some random wanker next time they ask me the origins of my name and pretend to be interested in it but actually just dying to make a remark and connection between my name and star wars. Bastards.



Taking you away from reality for 10 minutes and 37 seconds

After only a few days, youtube took it down. Surely they should see this is as a meditative video for those who have urges to perform some of these Manhunt 2 execution maneuvers irl...it certainly helped me get it out of my system.